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Aldrin's iPhone 3G Jailbreak Top 10 Apps

Here is a list of recommended apps, once you have jailbroken your -

For information on how to jailbreak your iPhone 3G or 3Gs, please refer to iphone-dev team.
(NB: For iPhone 3G and 3Gs users - ultrasn0w - may be required to get your iPhone to work with your service provider).
To get ultrasnow add - to your sources in Cydia

You will probably find more than 10 apps here but top 10 sounds better then top 17... :)

Essential Jailbreak Apps

  1. All Sources - This will install all 'good' sources that you can access through Cydia. To get this package, you must add PwnCenter to Cydia sources (go to Cydia, select More Sources, then select PwnCenter).
  2. Cydelete - Allows you to delete Cydia apps the same way as you would Apple/iTunes Apps without having to go through Cydia's management console.
  3. Winterboard - this is essential for iPhone customization (for themes and more)
  4. SBSettings - provides you with the ability to quickly manage iPhone settings (brightness, turn Wifi on/off, Bluetooth etc. also allows you to 'kill' background processes that are hogging memory).
  5. Cycorder - If you are after a video recording alternative, then this is the best free video recording app you can get.
  6. Five Icon Dock - Allows you to have 5 icons in your main dock instead of the traditional 4.
  7. Five-Column SpringBoard - Allows you to have 5 columns instead of 4 on screen.
  8. iFile - file explorer for iPhone.
  9. MxTube - same as YouTube for iPhone but allows you to download and save the videos to your iPhone.
  10. Safari Download Plugin - Allows you to download files and images to your iPhone from Safari.

MISC Apps to make your iPhone rock more... :)
  1. A Better Tap to Unlock - Allows you to tap instead of slide to unlock your phone.
  2. Flashlight - a better flashlight than the one offered in the App Store.
  3. Hackintosh Theme - Nice mixed theme featuring Mac and Windows icons.
  4. Blacklight and Black Light theme - same name different themes.
  5. Vista OS X theme.
  6. iBlank - Creates blank icons for use as separators for Springboard
  7. Springjumps - jump from page to page using shortcuts on your springboard
App Store Apps that rock

  1. Shapewriter - you have to download this to find out but I guarantee it to be a great note taker and email writer.
  2. Evernote - take notes then upload to the internet for storage. Includes photo and attachment uploads
  3. Shazam - finds out the names of songs by using your iPhone to record and compare with an online database. Very, very accurate.
  4. Facebook - self explanatory
I will update this post as I find more favourite apps to add....

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