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Missing Power Volume Network icons from Taskbar in Vista

Sometimes, Windows Vista loses the icons that are normally displayed in the taskbar area. In order to get them back you would normally do the following... 1. Right hand mouse click on the Windows Start Button 2. Select PROPERTIES 3. Select the NOTIFICATION AREA tab 4. Check the appropriate icon check boxes If the check boxes are greyed out, there is a possibility that another software driver has over-ridden the default Windows icons. In this case, you would click on the CUSTOMIZE button and check through the list of icons available in there and select SHOW next to the icon. If the icon is not there, then a registry edit is required (as per instructions from Microsoft). Here is the workaround as proposed by Microsoft (NB: editing the registry can cause damage to your PC operating system if done incorrectly. If you are not certain or confident of the procedure, please contact us or your preferred I.T. consultant)... You can make