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What is the best wireless router? Why buy a more expensive wireless router?

Wireless routers are in abundance in today's market and they come in many varying types and prices . So, what is the best one to buy and why would you buy expensive one when you can get a cheaper unit that says it will do the job? Unfortunately, like most of my other endeavours research the hard way. After buying at least half a dozen different units including D-link,  Belkin, Cisco, Tp-link and NetGear, I have finally found a strong and stable (best performing so far) router - the NetGear Nighthawk R7000 Things to you should consider when purchasing wireless routers What distance do you need to cover? What points of interference do you have? How many devices will be connecting to the router? (this is a very important component that gets overlooked). I will cover these items briefly. What distance do you need to cover. Obviously, if you are living in a small apartment e.g. about 50 m 2 , most basic routers will suffice. But when you are in a large home

Microsoft Fixes 19 Year old "Six Figure Black Market" Windows Bug

Microsoft has just patched a critical bug that has been present in every version of Windows since Windows 95. Read the original full article here... Microsoft fixes 19 year old Windows bug As far as conspiracy theories go - this is another way of Microsoft 'urging' it's users to move away from the Windows XP Platform to the newer operating systems. And considering that the demise of Windows 7 is around the corner (end of life for Windows 7 is January 13th, 2015) - users will have little choice but to adopt the Windows 8 system or Windows 10. This being said, users and system administrators should be more mindful when using Windows XP, as compromising an XP system is now more likely considering the whole world and all it's hackers have been made aware of the exploit.