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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OTA update Vodafone Australia.

The new update for Vodafone / Samsung is being pushed out tonight. Just turned mine on and an update is showing. So far the download stated a total of 117.46MB. Will update when it completes. I may be one of a few who may have got this or noticed it as the download was quite fast. Installation requires a reboot and full battery or at least have the phone on charger, running out of battery during a firmware update can brick your phone. Once the firmware install is done, the usual optimisation of apps starts. I have not noticed any specific changes bar the "Safety Assistance" section in settings. This section allows you to send an emergency distress message to 4 nominated contacts. I will update this blog as I find changes or differences the phone. Performance of the system seems to be slightly better with memory sitting at around 70 - 80% usage (used to be about 96% for me due to the amount of apps I have running, Slider, ZdBox, etc.). Posted via Blogaway