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Best Dual SIM mobile phones Australia 2017

All dual SIM mobile phones are the same, right? The answer is NO, they're not. And if you're unlucky enough to buy the wrong one, you could soon be stuck with a single SIM mobile phone. Why a dual SIM mobile phone ? The answer is varied for this one. There are many reasons why people have more than one mobile device. Some use it to juggle their girl/boy friends around, having different numbers for each. Some like to have a full on data SIM only device where they can Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Netflix and web all they want. But carrying two devices can be a drag. So here's where a dual SIM mobile phone comes in handy. For me it's simple... I've been carrying two mobile phones around for ages, one for business use, the other for personal . It just made so much more sense to carry one instead of two devices. Where to get dual SIM phones in Australia and where NOT to get them . So for the last few days, I've been on the hunt for a dua