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Excessive mobile data usage on mobile phone iPhone Android smartphone

It's happened again, you've got another bill from your telco. It's telling you that your mobile data usage has exceeded the monthly quota and you have hardly done anything that you can think off that uses the internet apart from browse the odd web site, use Facebook or read the odd email. This has happened a few times to several people I know, so I did some investigating. Our telco is Vodafone. After explaining that I am in the tech industry and have several failover systems that connect devices to the internet (I have ADSL, Telstra cable and Vivid Wireless - due the fact that we provide remote support and cannot be without some sort of backup connection), I was able obtain logs of what these internet hogs were. Unbeknownst to most of us, many apps run in the background and continuously upload our activities to the internet. And, some phones are set to update your apps when an update is available. You may think you're taking a photo or shooting a video on you

Why you should consider a Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs iPad vs Android Tablet

In today's world, "Phablets" or "Phone Tablets" have had a relatively poor reception or uptake in some countries, mainly due to the conception (or misconception) of the idea, where people tend to think of them as "giant phones". I proffer you an alternative view, think of them as an "ultra portable tablet" or 'ultratab', with 3G (or 4G / LTE) built in and a backup phone to boot. In the search for a device that was small enough to fit in a "leg bag", yet big enough to work with, I have become the owner of an iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, Nexus 7 - 2013 edition, Asus Transformer, Asus Slider, Asus Trio, Asus ME400... the list goes on), all this in search of a portable tablet that will be small enough and light enough to travel with, but still provide the functionality of a normal tablet. The issue with most tablets, is the size, weight and functionality. Too big carry to carry around or to fit in a handbag and most h

Sony VAIO Duo Pro 11 - mouse moves to top left

If you have a Sony VAIO Duo 11 and have been experiencing the problem where your pointer or mouse suddenly jumps to the top left corner of your screen, this is a driver issue which can be update. The updated driver can be found here Update: file has been removed ... please refer to sony link below... This is a touch screen driver and you should refrain from touching the screen when it is updating so that it can calibrate properly.