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Steps to stop SPAM getting in your email.

If you're anything like me, you probably loathe getting bombarded by spam.   Here are a few simple general rules to try and help you avoid getting SPAM from marketers or internet sites. Have separate email addresses. Do not use your primary or work email to register on websites. Create a Gmail, or Yahoo mail account, and use this instead. This will help ensure that you only receive relevant email to your primary account. Keep the spare email account for the 'fluff' stuff such as registering for competitions, or surveys, or sales etc. Do not provide your primary or work email address on competition forms or dockets in shopping centres, this follows rule 1. Only give your primary email address to people whom you trust or need to urgently liaise with. Ensure you always have a good reliable anti-virus and/or anti-spam software to stop your computer from being maliciously hacked or hijacked. A majority of spam come from innocent users whose computers have b