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Joining Mac to SBS 2003 Domain

Software Version Used OSX 10.5.2 I have researched into how to connect the Mac to a Windows Domain and according to Microsoft's Technet the instructions are as follows. However due to Mac Updates the naming conventions for some of the items may differ. Macintosh Direct Access Client Configuration Open the Direct Access Utility. Click Enable next to Active Directory, and then click Active Directory. Click Configure, then enter your Active Directory Forest and Domain. Enter a computer ID for your Mac client. Click Unhide Advanced Options, and select the Cache Last User Login for Offline Operation and Allow Administration by: check boxes. Add the usernames and groups that you want to give administrative access to your Mac in the format domain name\user or group, and then click Bind. You will be prompted for a user account with rights to join your domain. Click OK and then click Authentication at the top. Make sure

Connect Windows Printer to Apple Mac OS X Ok Only works with latest version of Mac. The Version I am working off is 10.5.2 OSX. Make sure that you download the Mac Drivers for your PC and Install. First Open up Safari and type into the the address bar http://localhost:631 and click on Add a Printer Type in the appropriate Names Locations Etc. and Click on Next. Choose Samba and click on next. Ensure that you type in the URL as smb://username:password@(IP address)/sharename

Backups - How long does it take?

Data backups are part of our digital lives (or at least they should be). The question is... "How long does it take to do a backup?" Before I answer this, a quick explanation - many backups are done via USB nowadays, as can be seen by the myriad of USB backup drives that are available and with sizes varying anywhere from 1GigaByte (1GB = 1000MB) up to 1 Terabyte (1TB = 1000GB). With USB there are 2 types USB1 and USB2. If you have a PC (or MAC) that has a USB1 connection, the maximum speed you can achieve, theoretically, is about 25MB/s. USB2 gives a better rate at 50MB/s. Though this is so, just like a car that accelerates from standing to max speed - it takes a little time for the speed to reach it's peak i.e. it does not start at 50MB/s straightaway, thats why an 3MB music or MP3 file still takes a few seconds to transfer to your USB device. Theoretically speaking, at 50MB/s you can transfer 3000MB/minute (2.9GB/Min) or 180000 MB/hour (175GB/hour). The reason wh

Print Screen with Apple MAC (OS X 10.5 - Leopard)

For those of you who are used to the Print Screen (PrtScn) function in Windows you will know that you will get the whole screen if you just press PrtScn and you will get the selected window if you press ALT+PrtScn. You then have to paste the captured screen into an appropriate program e.g. Word Pad or Microsoft Paint. Apple Mac has a different approach to this. (I have tried this on OS X 10.5 Leopard only) To print screen on the Mac Press the combination of the - SHIFT + Mac COMMAND Key (Flower Key) + 3 This will give you a full print screen. To print a selection of the screen Press the combination of the SHIFT + Mac COMMAND Key (Flower Type) + 4 The mouse pointer will turn into a selection target, click drag and release and it will printscreen the selected area for you. The files of the printscreens are typically placed on the desktop as .PNG files


Have you got your hands on a new video file only to find that it is causing your system to crash coming up with a - COM SURROGATE STOPPED WORKING - issue..? There are several possibilities, however the most likely issue would be incompatible CODECS being used on the VISTA operating system. When you open the folder containing the video you want to view, VISTA automatically tries to preview the file for you. If you have loaded on an older codec e.g. XP Codec Pack , then the COM SURROGATE error emerges. This is because the VISTA is trying to run the preview using the older codec which is not compatible and stops the system. There are two main ways of overcoming this issue. Disable automatic preview or thumbnails for the folder / operating system Download the latest codec pack If you are like me and like to load up all the codecs so that you can watch all the necessary videos that travel past your desktop, then it is best you get your hands on the latest codec pack. The one I hav