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Logmein Free - Not Free anymore - What are the alternatives to Logmein Free

I have been singing the praises of Logmein software as a service (SaaS) for many years now and really, it came as a bit of a shock to me (though not entirely, from a business point of view) that Logmein has decided to pull it's major draw-card, Logmein (LMI) Free, from service today.
It was likely that the number of users out there that used the LMI Free service was probably posing a burden on their network or systems, but this particular move has likely cost Logmein, as a business, a major chunk of their current and potential future clients.

Anyhow, alternatives to Logmein Free... here we go...

For personal users, there are some free alternatives to the Logmein SaaS. Here are my top 3 alternatives to Logmein Free.
  1. Teamviewer

    Teamviewer was very quick off the bat to point out that they are very happy to pick up where Logmein left off (who doesn't want an instant database of new users), so much so that the 'team' at Teamviewer have posted a page specifically on how to switch' over to the Teamviewer SaaS, 'How do I switch from Logmein Free to Teamviewer'

    Teamviewer has remote control abilities from IOS and Android devices and will run on Apple MAC OSX.
  2. Splashtop

    In the early days, Splashtop was touted as a method of being able to run Flash based sites from smartphone devices that couldn't use Flash. It has since developed a relatively strong remote control software with many interesting features (though not very uniformly covered over the IOS and Android platforms).

    Splashtop has remote control abilities from IOS and Android devices and the client will run on Apple MAC OSX. Unfortunately, it is not free for MAC users, who will have to purchase the Splashtop Client from the Mac App Store.
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome is clunky... very clunky but free is free. It requires that you first install Chrome as a web browser before installing the remote control app. It is based on your Google account and is basic in terms of facilities, but the beauty about it is the fact that Google is almost entirely (if not entirely) a cloud based facility. If you know of, or are already using Google Drive or any of the other products Google offer, you will find using this system has it's merits. Remote control is relatively fast as it is not bogged down by the 'extras' that the others provide. Also be aware that if you are running multiple monitors,
    Chrome Remote Desktop, can be a pain to navigate.
    The bad news... no IOS and Android remote control capabilities... yet. It will run on Apple Mac OSX systems.
There are a whole lot of other alternatives to Logmein Free out there, Wyse PocketCloud, RemotePC, GoToMyPC, etc. Each one will suit individuals for different reasons but the three listed here, were the first to come to mind and have been great alternatives for me in the past, and I hope it will make a good alternative for you on your quest to find a free alternative to Logmein.


DeanO said…
Went for Teamviewer. Just the ticket - thanks for the advice
Unknown said…
Another very good alternative is RHUB`s remote support servers. It works well.

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